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Is Keto Diet causing you Low blood Pressure, Constipation, and Deficiencies? It may also cause heart diseases. But however, it is one of the famous diets followed by millions across the world 

So, in this article, we are going to see an all-around Article about Keto Diet. 

FAQ ——- What is Keto Diet? 

Keto is a high Fat Diet. It can also be said has low carbs diet because we reduce the intake of carbohydrates and replace it with high fat intake than normal  

During this process of Ketogenic Diet, there is a decrease in the carbohydrate intake which automatically puts you into a state called Ketosis 

Fine, in this FAQ you could Now explain to your friend what is Keto Diet in Simple terms Cheers! 

Keto Plan for Beginners 

Now you would have been familiar with what is Keto Diet, but as a beginner, towards the keto diet, you would have many doubts to be cleared, so come on let’s see One by one  

So here are some basics of Ketogenic Diet  

When you start your ketogenic diet, we switch our diet plan Fat-centric and as a result, we reduce the number of Carbohydrates that we consume  

When this change occurs, our body starts to burn more fat. This is called the state of Ketosis 

FAQ – What is Ketosis? 

Ketosis is a metabolic state that uses Fat instead of Carbohydrates for energy. As we know with the reduction Carbs, we indirectly reduce the Glucose levels.

This in turn, forces our body to Burn fat faster for Energy. This state is called Ketosis

Now, you are getting familiar with some Terms that are involved in keto Diet. It is a Good thing to gather knowledge 🙂


But there is a checkpoint that slows down your Ketosis Transition. It is nothing but Protein intake. 

So, keep an eye on the protein intake because excess protein converts to glucose. 

FAQ – Is it possible to know whether I am in a ketosis State? 

Luckily yes, there are some symptoms to know whether you are in ketosis state. Some symptoms are feeling thirsty, mouth feels dry, increased urination and decrease in hunger. 

Keto Diet and Weight Loss  

Researches have shown that Keto Diet can show Rapid weight loss with a reduction of fat levels. 

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey report that on average we get almost 50 percent of our energy from carbs. 

So, as we cut down the carbohydrate’s intake it reduces our calorie intake which in turn boosts weight loss  

Besides weight loss, it also led to a reduction in triglyceride levels and also blood pressure levels.  

Research also shows that people on a ketogenic diet lost 2 times more weight than those on a low calorie, low-fat diet. 

FAQ – Is there any criticism for reduced carbohydrate intake? 

Researchers and Dietitian say that “Carbohydrates have an important role in our diets and whilst reducing them may aid weight loss it is not sustainable to reduce them to a very low level.” 

Is Ketogenic Diet Safe? 

Researchers say that studies on Ketogenic Diet have a time period of not exceeding one year. So, there are limitations in studies to suggest the long-term effects of the Ketogenic Diet. 

First of all, we need to understand that there are different types of Ketogenic Diets. So, the type of Ketogenic Diet and the types of food that is in taken also place a big role in the safety 

FAQ – What are the types of Keto Diets? 

Ketogenic diets are mostly classified into 4 types. Standard, Targeted, High Protein and Cyclical Keto diets 

I can see that you are fascinated about knowing them. I had explained the types below in this article. So be calm and read it in order 🙂 

For Example, if your diet consists of more Saturated Fats, there are high chances for Heart diseases. 

Another concern about the Keto diet is that it reduces the amount of Fiber intake which plays an important role in gut metabolism. 

So, Dietitians Recommend increasing your Fiber intake with some green veggies and leafy vegetables. 

FAQ- Is keto Diet for everyone 

Keto diets are not for everyone. For some people it causes problems even with good monitoring 

So, consult your doctor before starting this diet  

Ketogenic Diet types 

As answered above, now lets us know the different types in detail 

Standard Keto Diet – This diet involves high protein content, a moderate amount of protein, and fewer carbs. The Ratio Are

Fat  70 – 75 % 
Protein  20 – 15 % 
Carbohydrates  10 % 


Targeted Keto Diet – Targeted Keto diets are for Those who work out daily or Thrice a week. This Keto diet that is combined with workout plans 

Cyclical Keto Diet – In this Keto Diet, we would have 5 days of our normal Keto plan and 2 days of high carbs. 

High Protein Keto Diet – In this type the ratios of the fat change slightly from the standard one. The ratios are  

Fat  60 – 65 % 
Protein  30 – 25 % 
Carbohydrates  10 % 


Keto Diet Benefits

Benefits of Keto Diet 

  1. Reduces Acne – Researches has shown that reduced carbohydrate intake has a positive impact on skin health which also reduces acne 
  1. Reduced Risk of Cancer – Researchers have examined that keto diets can treat keto diets. However, there are limited studies proving it  
  1. Alzheimer disease – It also slows down the progression of Alzheimer disease 
  1. Heart Health – Some evidence shows that eating healthful fats instead of Less healthful fats can improve heart health. We can prefer Avocados instead of Beef Rinds.
  1. Some researchers suggest that it can improve brain injuries. 

FAQ – What are the best Keto Diet Foods to Follow  

Some of the best Keto Foods to Follow are Meat, Fish, Butter, Avocadoes, Nuts  

There are also other suggestions like low carb veggies and cheese. 


FAQ – What are the foods to be avoided  

They are sugary foods like ice-cream, chocolates, soda. Grains, starches, beans and legumes and alcohol. 


Risks of Keto Plan 

  • Keto Flu – This is the stage that most people fall into. During the starting phase of the Keto diet, people tend to feel sick and Tired. 

              Sometimes there can be Symptoms like Vomit, Headache, and dizziness. But most people say that these effects go off within a short span of time since our body adapts to the diet. 

This is because the body is in an acidic state which restricts the performance of the activity you perform 

So, from this Risk point, we can see that Keto has a positive trend towards weightless but when it comes to Performance, it is not up to the mark  

  • Limited Research – There are many studies that cover the keto diet. But the main drawback of the studies is that there is no long-term reference for the effects of the keto diet  

When it comes to short-term Studies on keto, they are well documented and well researched. 

So following Keto for a Long Span of time is not advisable as its effects are not know 

  • Diarrhea – If you are having such a problem, keep in mind that you are not the only one who undergoes this stage 

Many people around the world undergo this problem. Researchers say that “The main cause is due to the overpowered activity of the gallbladder to break down the fats. 

There are also many other factors that cause diarrhea like low fiber content food intake, intolerance to Diary Products (Lactose Intolerance) 

Some Good Food Source for Keto Diet Plan 

The basic Keto Diet Foods has been Answered above in the FAQ section. 

However, there are some good Sources to have a healthy Keto Diet they are : 

Source  Grading 
Lean Meat and Poultry  Excellent Source 
Nuts and Seeds  Excellent Source 
Avocadoes  Excellent Source 
Cottage Cheese  Very Good Source 
Dark Chocolate (90 % above)  Very Good Source  


These foods can be added to your diet which can turn your ketogenic Diet into a Healthy one. 

Ketogenic Diet and Diabetes 

There are a lot of Researches and Studies that talk about the Link between Keto and Diabetes. So, let’s see the co-relation between them. 

Note: Read this section if you are a Diabetes Patient, Or You can feel free to skip this section. 

We know that Diabetes is a metabolism that is characterized by high blood sugar levels and impaired insulin function. 

Ketogenic Diet is one of the Best Diets for weight loss which is very much beneficial for Diabetes type 2. 

This is because studies had shown that Ketogenic Diet has reduced the Levels of Hemoglobin A1C levels. Which plans a long-term Role in lowering the Blood Sugar Levels. 

So as a result, keto has improved the Insulin levels and has a good impact on weight loss and as an add on also helps to keep your blood sugar in a check  

FAQ – is keto good for diabetes? 

Researches Has shown that Keto Diet as a good relation with Diabetes type 2 Which can help them to check their Blood Sugar levels and at the same time Reduce their weight  

So Before Concluding Here are Most Frequently asked Questions 

Keto Are-Format FAQ 

  • Are Keto Diets Safe? 

This is one of the Dynamic Part of Keto Diet which varies a lot. It is better to Consult your family Doctor because every person has their own characteristics. So, check your doctor Before Following them 

  • Are keto Diet pills safe with high Blood Pressure? 

People Having

  • Kidney damage
  • Individuals with heart disease
  • Pregnant women
  • People with type 1 diabetes, liver, or pancreatic condition should not attempt the Keto diet or take Keto Pills without Subscription.

However, if your Fine and consulted ur doctor it is not an issue  

Blood Pressure has a very good relation with High Blood pressure. Keto reduces weight which in turn reduces your fat content. This gives you overall a healthy outlook which gives a healthy impact on your blood pressure levels 

Keto Can Format FAQ  

  • Can keto cause diabetes? 

The Keto diet does not allow us to use insulin in our body in a good way. This as a result increases the risk for diabetes 2 type. 

  • Can keto cause Headaches? 

Yes. Keto although a good diet plan to follow. It has many negative sides which have been mentioned above. Headache is one of the symptoms. 

This is mainly due to low blood sugar levels and dehydration 

Better be wise in choosing the Correct Food Items as a package for the whole day.  

  • Can Keto affect Periods? 

Keto Diet can cause Issues like Irregular Periods. This is mainly because the keto diet can mess up with the Leptin hormones which affects your periods  

Keto How Format FAQ

  • How does the keto diet work? 

Keto diet nothing but replacing the carbs with high fat, as a result, our body goes into the ketosis stage which burns fat for energy This process is well explained in the first stanza of our Article 

Feel Free to Re-read If Needed 🙂

  • How does a Keto Diet Pill Work? 

Keto pills are used for boosting your process of getting into the state of Ketosis. The Keto Pills Have an ingredient called MCTs (Medium- Chain Tric=glycerides) which contains saturated fat that is present in Coconut oil  

So as a result when you restrict your carbohydrate intake the liver tries to convert them into ketones. This Process overwhelmed with the pills. These pills which contain these MCTs increase the number of Ketones 

This is how the ketones act as a catalyst. Wow, Nice to Hear isn’t. But a doctor’s prescription is a must. Feel free to visit your doctor 


So, we can see that Keto is Suitable for those who want to reduce their weight, who want to check their diabetes 2 type levels and have a good Lifestyle 

However, when it comes to side effects there are many. So, check your doctor whether it suits you are not  

So, See you soon with another article and Bye-Bye from Healthcruncher.com 


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