Sleep study- Discover Your Sleep Needs (2021)

Sleep Study


Sleep study helps you to improve your health and reap out maximum benefit out of it.

Health is one of the important Factors to lead a happy life and sleep acts as an important tool for health management.

Are you in doubt about having a good quality sleep, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to see Sleep Study as an All-Rounder article. So come on let us dive into the main picture.

What is Sleep Study?

Sleep Study is also known as Polysomnography. It is used to diagnose sleep disorders in an effective manner. Polysomnography records many parameters during the Sleep Study. It Includes heart rate, breathing levels, brain wave patterns, and even the oxygen level in your blood.

Sleep Studies are mostly done in a hospital or at centers at their sleep disorder units. These sleep disorder units are made especially for Sleep disorder Checkups with the needed appropriate types of equipment. Let Us Clearly See what types of equipment are used in these centers in the later part of our Article.

As mentioned above, Sleep Studies can be done also at home. But the drawback is only limited types of equipment can be used, so as a result, we can get the report with a minimum number of parameters assessed.

Home sleep Apnea testing Uses a limited number of sensors to focus mainly on (OSA) that is, obstructive sleep Apnea.

Beginners guide

You may wonder what is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Here is a small Description so that you can proceed with the article with a basic knowledge


                            Obstructive Sleep apnea is a Sleep Disorder. It occurs when the muscles that support breathing start to temporarily relax. As a result, the airway is narrowed or closed and breathing starts to get narrowed or totally cut off. 


So now with this Guide Knowledge, let us move to the next part with Good understanding 🙂

Why Is Sleep Study Done?

Like any other studies, Polysomnography also helps us to track data. As the name suggests sleep study helps us to keep a check on our sleep cycles and helps us know when our sleep patterns are disrupted. It also helps us to know the reason why the patterns are disrupted and at the same time solutions can also be tried with maximum positive results

So To understand Why sleep Studies are done let us Have Some Basics on the Different stages of sleep.

Normal Sleep Patterns begin with a stage called (NREM) Non-Rapid Eye Movement stage. In this stage, the eye movements are slow and minimal. Brain waves start to slow down as the times move on. This  Brain activity is measured by a type of instrument called Electroencephalography

As time passes, after 2 to 3 hours the brain activity starts to pick up and Rapid Eye movements take place. This phase is called the Rapid Eye Movement Stage. These are the two Sleep stages

So this cycle continues many times with a time period of approximately 90-100 minutes.

And here comes the role of Sleep Studies because sleep disorders disturb the REM and NREM  cycles.

Some of the main cases where doctors recommend Sleep Study are mentioned Below :

  • REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder – In this disorder people start to react or act to the dreams as they sleep.
  • Behaviors that are unusual – In sleep people do unusual behaviors like walking, running.
  • Narcolepsy – In this condition, people feel dizzier in the daytime with a punch of sudden sleep attacks.

Some other main causes are Limb movements and Sleep Apnea

Who Needs a Sleep Study?

Sleep Study is a vital tool for sleep Research but it is not necessary for all and for all conditions. Consult your doctor and convey to them how you feel, if any daytime symptoms such as drowsiness explain them in detail. So that they can suggest you some treatments

So consult your Family Doctor to know whether you need a Sleep Test or not.

How much Does a Sleep Study Cost?

The cost of a Sleep Study is dynamic in nature. It varies from hospital to hospital and also from location to location. It also depends on the Sleep Centers equipment base levels. Small Hospitals charge less while big hospitals charge more for a Sleep Study.

It is better you consult your doctor whether a sleep study is necessary and then find out the nearby hospital which has a sleep study setup. Even Search Engines like helps you find nearby locations

For more accurate Cost, you can then call them to know the exact price they offer.

Insurance Cover also plays a vital role in the Cost. So you must also consult your insurance provider to know whether it covers sleep study or not.

What should we expect from a Sleep Study?

As we had gone through the point ” Who needs a Sleep Study? “, now let us see what are the things that we can expect from it.

Like any other Medical tests, There are some Procedures to be Followed By the person who is going to attend the Sleep Study test. Procedures are :

  • Break to Caffeine and Alcohol – We should avoid the consumption of alcohol or caffeine on the day of going through the test.
  • Stop Meditations – Doctors mostly recommend continuing or stop your meditations on the day of the sleep study. So at this point, it is the sole discretion of your family doctor. (Personal Consultation is required)
  • Make Yourself Comfortable – Since you are going to stay a whole night in the hospital. It’s now time to pack up things to set us right and Comfortable. We can take with us the required things like pillows, pajamas ( to be night-dressed ), and also some magazines ( this might help you sleep in a new environment ).

So now you are personally ready for the test. Now you will be given a sleep center lab to undergo the study. You may also be given a private bathroom to use.

This test also is taken at home, but with limited types of equipment and limited data. In case you wish to use the bathroom, you need to inform in prior so that the technician can help you with the wires and connections to free you up.

What are the Results that we Get From Sleep Study?

Sleep Study as mentioned helps us tract data on our sleep Progress. This helps us to know some of the factors causing problems in our sleep cycles. The result of the sleep study helps us to know the following factors:

  • The number of times we wake up
  • The duration we spend in sleep cycles
  • Unusual Movements ( Like Limb Movement Disorder, Restless Leg Syndrome )
  • Body Position ( Eg Sleep Position )
  • Helps to know the Brain activity Patterns
  • Also helps us to detect whether we snore or not ( Eg: Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders, Breathing patterns )

Why is it hard to Sleep During Sleep Study?

Cheers.! This is a problem faced by not only you but also by many who undergo a sleep study. This is mainly due to the weird environmental setup that the body is not customed to. The wire setups and sensors make things difficult to have a sleep in a quick manner.

However simple preparations like Carrying magazines and taking a nightdress may help you with this issue.

Can Sleep Studies be done at home?

Home sleep studies are also being done, but with limited types of equipment and limited result data. As of now Home Sleep Studies are only used to evaluate (OSA) Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Home Sleep Apnea Test is not so effective as polysomnography. But however, there are some benefits that can occur out of Home Sleep Studies. They are

  • It is more convenient than Polysomnography.
  • It is more affordable.
  • You can have a better sleep in your room which helps us detect accurate results.
Sleep Study
Sleep Study Wired Equipment.

What Equipments are used in Sleep Study?

Now it’s time to have visual thinking while we read this topic. So let us start visualizing. When it comes to sleep study tests, there will be a sleep technician to help you out with wire sorts of stuff.

He connects sensors and wires to your head and required places with some adhesive.

Elastic belts are also connected to the abdomen and chest area so that breathing levels can also be detected.

Oxygen levels are also monitored by connecting a clip to the finger.

If you are an Obstructive Sleep Apnea Suspect you will be mandatory to wear a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine.

This may feel very uncomfortable but within few minutes you get yourself set right and have a good sleep.

These are some of the types of equipment used in sleep labs.

What happens after you finish the Sleep Study test?

Sleep studies are now becoming familiar and popular in recent days. Sleep study produces its reports in with 100s of pages about your sleep patterns in the sleep lab. This will help the technician and the doctor to have a good insight into your sleep patterns and helps them suggest practices that may reduce its negative impacts.

However, it texts nearly 2 weeks or more to study the Sleep Study results by the doctor.

So as a result, you may change your meditations or your daily sleep style to have a good sleep.


Now it’s time to wind up. Now you would have got an idea of what is Sleep study, its benefits, and more.

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