Running for Weight loss – Is it a Myth Discover (2021)

Running For weight loss

Running For weight loss is one thing is to prefer is the best and affordable Way to Lose Weight. So with this statement, I guess how can you hundred percent say that running is best and affordable.

So First let me convince you by proving why I say Running for weight loss is the¬† “best and affordable “.When it comes to weight loss there are many ways to lose them Like cycling, swimming and even spending your time doing cardio in the gym.

But when compared to running for weight loss, the others have a higher barrier of entry price in terms of cost. So when it comes to terms of “cost-benefit ratio” running requires just a pair of running shoes. ( Research team Reviewing process going on to suggest you some best Ones ūüôā Stay Tuned!. So this proves the term affordable in a pleasant manner that you will accept this.

So next thing is how are you saying this as the best compared to others. Losing weight is not just a physical activity concerned to me ( This will be explained below ). So when it comes to running for weight loss it is one of the all-time possible choices which can be done anytime and anywhere. So I think in terms of ” Long-term practicality” I Suggest you guys start up your weight loss process with a 3-month challenge of running goals.

Daniel O‚ÄôConnor, Ph. D. the health and human performance professor who works at the University of Houston says, ” You just need a pair of decent shoes, creativity, and one or two friends to develop a running plan.

In this 21st century, most people are busy full of schedules and priorities. This is where Daniel O’Conner says ” It is not possible to add something in your daily schedule without losing something else¬† “. It seems practical right? But as I said it has a good ” time-benefit ratio “.

However as I mentioned above, Weightloss is not just about a physical activity it is linked to many other factors. They are mentioned below.

1.Diet plays a vital Role

Running for weight loss is not beneficial unless you link it up with a good well-planned diet. Many people mostly start to eat more than they did before after they started up with their running schedule. This is where the problem comes in. In fact, this may lead to more weight increase than before

People think they are burning a lot of calories than the actual calories that get melted. This is what Angela Says ” People start to overestimate the calories they burn through their running schedule.

So there are some rough estimates to be done. We usually burn about 100 calories per mile. So we burn about 250 to 300 calories for three miles – which turns to be a solid workout.

This is a good Achievement, But this achievement becomes an utter waste unless you boost it up with a power-packed, well-planned diet.

Take this Example – There is john who completes a 3-mile run as mentioned above and burns up to 300 calories. After he finished his morning workout he processes through his daily schedule. Till now the process is well and good. Then comes Lunchtime, Here is where He starts to stuff a Medium pan Pizza which is about 600 calories maybe even more.

This is where we lose the credentials of our 3-mile run achievement through ” Running for weight loss Strategy ” and at the same time eat a lot of food which makes us Calorie Surplus

What is Calorie Surplus?

Calorie Surplus is when the amount of calorie intake is more than the number of calories that are burned.

That is, Calorie Consumed > Calorie Burned.

So for weight loss to be a successful journey one needs to be in Calorie Deficit.

What is Calorie Deficit?

Calorie Deficit is when the amount of calorie intake is less than the number of calories that are burned

That is, Calorie Consumed < Calorie Burned.

So keep a check on your diet plan.

2. Also Strength train Simultaneously

Strength training is very much important because it makes you a good runner and also makes you strong enough.

Strength training helps you to build up muscles that make you stronger. It also increases your stamina.

Healthcruncher says, ” Running for weight loss makes it hard for your legs without the muscles to support them. So he also advises strength training side by side.

He also says, ” More calories will burn at rest when the amount of lean muscle is more in our body”.

Beginner’s Guide

What is Strength Training? Strength training is a type of workout that aims to improve your muscular fitness targeting all muscles significantly. It is also called resistance training.¬†#informationiswealth ūüôāSo I advise you to keep this in mind – ” The more the lean muscle the more the burned calories “.

3. Just start Running For Weight loss 

The next big piece of advice is just to start your running plan as soon as possible. Because most people start to overthink about different strategies that they see online.

People optimize their schedule and strategies, but keep this mind for beginners, just run your target goals and follow a well-planned diet.

Are you in an idea of Following Keto plan, ( If you are not familiar with Keto Plan, Then you can read this article –¬† What is Keto Diet ‚Äď Benefits and Discover More (2021)

Healthcruncher says ” Burning calories is what matters in Weight loss strategy ”

Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise Study¬†Found that Running burns more weight than walking, this may be due to the afterburn effect that walkers don’t benefit with.

There is one of the common Running plans that is followed. This is planned as mentioned below.

Running Plan for weight loss

  1. Have 3 sessions of 30-minutes run for a week
  2. Sprinting also can be added for 30 to 1 minute
  3. Recovery – It is also an important part of the Plan, so plan for 30 seconds to one minute of recovery.

So start your journey of weight loss as soon as possible.

However, there are some downfalls of just the following running as a full-time Plan for weight loss. So now let’s see the other side of the coin now.

Is running for weight loss enough?

Nutrition expert Rachele Pojednic, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Simmons College says “ Running alone as a plan for weight loss is not so significant as it burns fewer calories for the time invested.

So I would also suggest that running for weight loss is good for weight loss, but at the same time keep it as a part of your weight loss plan. If your goal is to lose weight then make a combo of Strength training and Running for better results.

Running has its own benefits, but when it comes to weight loss there are better things to focus on to lose weight. This doesn’t mean to stop running, but keep running as your part of Weightloss.

Benefits of Running For weight loss

Running other than weight loss has many other positives that are helpful for our daily life. This includes

  • Having a happy mood
  • Getting a better Sleep
  • It also helps to have good Heart Health.

Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that 45 percent of runners have a lower risk of heart disease.

Researches had also found that runners had earned a reward of extra 3 years of life expectancy than normal beings.

The downside of Only Running for Weightloss

Running loses weight, it’s true. But to be specific in terms it is beneficial for Beginners only. Do you want o know why?. Let us see it

When we are new to exercising, in ours it’s running, our body responds easily to a smaller amount of stress that we put onto us and as a result, we see positive results in weight loss.

But as we start running for weight loss for a longer period our body needs a lot of stress to reduce weight. Here comes the problem with the strategy that we term ” running for weight loss “.

So as our body adapts we need to feed it with more stress increasing it phase by phase. At last, the scale starts to increase a lot.

So you may wonder what will be the problem if I run the same amount of time. It is simple, our body gets accustomed to our daily workout plan. So as result our body starts to burn a lower amount of calories for the same amount of exercise.

For example, it burns just 60 calories instead of 100 calories per mile.

And at the same time, basal metabolic rates also play a vital role. As we start to reduce weight, we start to feel lighter than before and our body doesn’t need much energy to function as before

Also, the decrease in muscle mass reduces the amount of fat we burn. So have an eye on Fitness Training

Research says ” Your body is a machine which craves for more efficiency as possible”

HIIT plays a Vital Role in Weightloss.

HIIT in Weight loss
HIIT in Weight loss

Beginner’s Guide

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is also called sprint interval training. It is a cardio exercise strategy that aims at short periods of intense training with lense intense recovery periods. As a result, this strategy keeps your heart rate high and helps to burn more calories.

During the Intense intervals, we should push ourselves to the hardest making ur body use all the energy we have in the short periods of intense training. Next we need ourselves to give a recovery period of about 20 to 90 seconds, as per your needs.

Usually, HIIT Exercises are usually are no longer than 30 minutes.HIIT has many types, It can be done in cycling, cardio workouts, and even in strength training. Even Running is one of the types in the HIIT Module.

Running is considered as one of the easiest forms of HIIT module and is very effective than just running.

The difference between normal running and HIIT is the Modulations you give in the Plan.

That is, we alternate between periods of intense running, walking, and even slower jogs But when it comes to normal running we maintain the same pace, which doesn’t burn calories as much of HIIT.

HIIT’s positives can be backed up by many types of research, According to the International Journal of Obesity, the women group who had done 8-second sprints in 12 seconds of recovery for 20 minutes lost 7.4 pounds of weight. But when it comes to the women group of steady run lost only 2.7 pounds.

This evidence shows the efficiency of the HIIT workout.

There is also some important Body mechanism that is responsible for  Like Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC ).EPOC is nothing but the afterburn effect that the body undergoes to recover your body after a high-intensity workout.

This as a result burns more calories to recover your body state. This is also backed up Researches that HIIT has high afterburn effects than normal state running.

Tips for Weight loss 

  • Processed Foods are enemy¬†– Processed goods are friendly in nature towards trans-fat, sugar, and even an extra pinch of salt. All these make our weight loss strategy an utter waste. So better we avoid these processed foods for great results.
  • Keep an eye on the Portion Levels –¬†To avoid exceeding the portion levels you have planned, make yourself a 120 calorie snack ready at home. This makes you go with healthy options as you enter into your house with the temptation to eat more
  • Have a check on Nutrition Labels –¬†Whenever you eat something have the check at the nutrition table provided. This helps you to keep a check on the Fat intake. When the fat contents are less, it doesn’t mean sugar and carbs are less in them. You have to check also the sugar and carbs levels too. Because these two factors are the next enemies to weightloss if not checked properly.
  • Be Satisfied Rather than Being Full –¬†Make yourself feel satisfied as you eat rather than waiting for the period when you feel the stomach is full. This helps you in long term to keep a check on your diet psychologically.
  • Only eat when you eat –¬†Stop watching Television, listening to music because multitasking leads to eating more than usual. So plan yourself that you must keep an eye on the food that you eat so that you do not exceed the quantity.
  • Chew your food –¬†Chewing the food slowly and nicely, makes you feel like eating a lot, as the time spent on eating increases. This makes your mind feel that you are eating a lot than before.
  • Keep a check on calories – When it comes to calorie count, you should check it on basis of “calories per day ” This helps you to calculate whether you are in a surplus or deficit plan.
  • Plan your week Training –¬†Training plans should be in hand as your progress week by week. So that you never stop in between thinking of what is next. This helps you to progress faster.
  • Learn New Things –¬†There are many strategies for weight loss. Since weight loss is a long-term process, you can also search for many Weight loss programs online. You can search terms like “Weight training “, ” workouts for weight loss ” and more.
  • Make it a Habit¬†– First 21 days are the hardest to follow, but when you go through this challenge running becomes a daily routine in your life. So I suggest you not give up for 21 days which makes running one of your habits.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Will running for weight loss reduce belly fat?

Targeting just a part of the fat in our body is not possible at all through running for weight loss. We can only reduce the total fat percent which starts to decrease from top to bottom. So the first thing you would notice is the fat loss in your face. and it goes one by one.

  • Can I reduce fat by steady running?

Yes, you can reduce fat through steady running. But the thing is HIIT strategy goes very well than Steady running. You can feel free to check the HIIT section mentioned above.


Way Forward 

Running can be a great exercise with many benefits, but when it comes to weight loss we need to make running a part of our weight plan rather than making it a whole plan.

Focussing on HIIT is also one of the best decisions to be made as it makes the fat loss more speedy. So be consistent in what you do and you will reap your fruit of happiness.

With Lots of Love, See you in another Article. I am Aashique and a Share may Be Stupendous For me. Thank you.

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