Vitamin B6 5 Proven Benefits – Discover ! (2021)

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 one of the eight B vitamins, plays a crucial for our body to maximize our energy output. There are eight B vitamins.B6 also known as pyridoxine is a water-soluble one. It helps our body in various Functions.

Our body cannot produce Vitamin B6 naturally, hence it needs to be taken from foods that we eat.

Taking B6 at correct dosages helps to keep our immune system healthy and prevents us from getting into the Hands of Chronic disease.

Before entering deep into the Article let me say you some benefits of Vitamin B6 – so that it becomes interesting and useful. Some noteworthy uses are

  • Creates Blood Cells
  • They help with the better functioning of cells
  • Helps boost immunity to fight disease

As we have seen above B6 is water-soluble. So the excess of B6 that we store is released out through our urine. So it is important to have a check that we take optimal amounts of Vitamin B6 daily.

In this article, We are gonna see 5 Proven Health Benefits of Vitamin B6 with the help of Study and Proven Researches.

Improves Brain Functions

B6 is linked with the creation of neurotransmitters, which help to regulate the energy use in our brain.

It can also improve brain functions and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Office of Dietary Supplements says that Adults who have higher levels of Vitamin B6 levels have Good Memory.

However, there are conflicting researches that say that B6 increases the levels of homocysteine blood levels which makes Alzheimer’s disease worse

A study on people shows that adults with high homocysteine levels decreased their homocysteine levels significantly by having a high dosage of vitamin B6.


Vitamin B6 Creates Neurotransmitters to regulate the energy use of the brain. This in turn Improves the memory of Humans. It also helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Says a Scientific Study.


Vitamin B6 Benefits
Vitamin B6 Benefits

Improve Mood Functions

B6 helps in producing serotonin, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and dopamine. This helps to regulate mood functions.

High Blood Levels and amino acid homocysteine are the main reason for depression and anxiety. Vitamin b6 plays a vital role here decreasing their levels, in turn treating depression effectively.

However, there are also studies that show that Vitamin B6 is not good at treating depression.

Protects you From Air Pollution 

B6 plays a vital role in Protecting you from air pollution. It reduces the impact of air pollution on the epigenome.

The World Organisation says that 90% of the people are in places where air quality guidelines are not met.

Helps to have a good Sleep 

B6 helps your body to make Melatonin, which helps in having a good sleep.

Are you in a dilemma about whether you have a good quality sleep, then check this article on Sleep Study – Sleep study- Discover Your Sleep Needs

Helpful in treating Anemia 

B6 is good at Hemoglobin production, So this helps to prevent and treat Anemia effectively

Hemoglobin is the protein that is responsible for carrying oxygen to our body cells. If we have lower Haemoglobin levels then our cells don’t get enough oxygen. This leads to Anemia.

To treat Nausea during Pregnancy.

B6 is used to treat Nausea during pregnancy for Women. It is also an ingredient in Diclegis, to treat morning sickness.

If you Want to take B6 for Morning Sickness then Consult your doctor regarding this.

Study shows that combination of Ginger and Vitamin B6 reduces the effect of nausea for Women during Pregnancy.


B6 plays a Vital Role in controlling nausea for women during pregnancy.

Some of the other main benefits are

  • Reduces Heart Disease Risk
  • Helps in preventing Cancer
  • May also Prevent Eye Diseases
  • Treats Inflammation related to Rheumatoid arthritis

Optimal Amount of Vitamin B6?

According to ODS the, ( RDA ) Required Dietary Allowance are as follows. It gives the correct dose, age-wise.

Age Male Female
0–6 months 0.1 mg 0.1 mg
7–12 months 0.3 mg 0.3 mg
1–3 years 0.5 mg 0.5 mg
4–8 years 0.6 mg 0.6 mg
9–13 years 1.0 mg 1.0 mg
14–18 years 1.3 mg 1.2 mg
19–50 years 1.3 mg 1.3 mg
51+ years 1.7 mg 1.5 mg
During pregnancy 1.9 mg
During lactation 2.0 mg


Food Sources for B6 are as follows

The following are some good sources of vitamin B6:

  • beef liver (3 ounces) provides 0.8 mg or 52% DV
  • roasted chicken breast (3 oz) provides 0.6 mg or 28% DV
  • potatoes (1 cup) provides 0.5 mg or 24% DV
  • banana (medium) provides 0.5 mg or 24% DV
  • tofu (half a cup) provides 0.2 mg or 7% DV
  • nuts (1 oz) provide 0.1 mg or 6% DV
  • chickpeas (1 cup) provide 1.2 milligrams (mg) or 66% of the daily value (DV)
  • yellowfin tuna (3 oz) provides 0.8 mg or 52% DV

Other Food Source of vitamin or Sources of B6

  • ground beef
  • waffles
  • squash
  • rice
  • spinach
  • watermelon
  • turkey
  • marinara sauce

Vitamin B6 Deficiency 

B6 Deficiency is common in people. Vitamin deficiency of B6 is mostly due to low levels of other B vitamins such as folate and B12

Having the habit of alcohol consumption can also result in B6 deficiency

Some of the sign of Vitamin B6 Deficiency

  • seizures
  • depression
  • peripheral neuropathy with numbness
  • anemia
  • confusion

It can also lead to symptoms like Pellegra Symptoms like

  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • cheilosis
  • glossitis

Side Effects of Vitamin B6

We know that B6 Is not found in the Normal Diet that we eat. So it is impossible for someone to achieve it through a normal diet.

The upper limit of B6 is 100 mg per day for an adult.

People taking more than 1000mg of Vitamin b6 per day may cause severe pain and numbness in their hands and feet.

Vitamin B6 Supplement

Nearly 36 % of people in the US take vitamin supplements containing vitamin B6. They are available in forms of capsules and tablets.

People who have lesser levels of B6 amounts are

  • Those who drink a lot
  • Persons with obesity
  • Women who are pregnant and Breastfeeding

Dietary Guidelines of America Recommends that ” Most nutrients should be consumed from a food source. They encourage plenty of dietary fiber and nutrient-rich food.


Vitamin B6 is a vital vitamin that is water-soluble and obtained from food and supplements.
It helps in creating neurotransmitters and regulating homocysteine levels.
So having the optimum amounts of vitamin B6 is important for many Healthy benefits.

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