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Are you wondering whether Paleo Diet is good for PCOS?. Then come one let’s have a detailed look at the topic ” Is Paleo Diet Good For PCOS “.

PCOS – Basic Introduction

The acronym PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome. This is one of the common hormone disorders found in women. Research says that 5 to 10 percent of women residing in the United States have this hormone disorder.

Women who are suffering from PCOS have high levels of androgens ( It is also called masculine sex hormones ). High levels of Androgen causes many problems like

  • Painful periods
  • Irregular Periods
  • Amenorrhea
  • Acne
  • Hair Growth in Masculine Areas.
  • Difficulty in losing Weight
  • Infertility

Researchers find it difficult to know where does PCOS comes from. However, it is seen as a genetic disorder. But the good news is, PCOS can be strongly affected by diet. ( It can be positive or negative Effect )

So we can now say that Paleo Diet will have its positive impacts on PCOS. So Before linking Paleo and PCOS, let us talk about Paleo

Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – What is Paleo Diet!

The Paleo diet is also called the cavemen diet. It tries to replicate our hunter-gatherers during the Paleolithic Period. It Sounds Interesting Right? SO now we come to know that this diet is trying to replicate the diet lifestyle of our ancestors who lived 10,000 years ago.

Here comes a Historical Fact – The paleolithic period is Also called as stone Age. It is a period where there was no society, no sedentary life and as a result, there was no Agricultural activity.

The present-day Paleo diet Comprises of Meat, Fish, Fruits, Seafood, Seeds, Nuts,  eggs, and fish. However, the paleo diet also avoids foods like starchy vegetables, refined oils, dairy products, grains, legumes, and Refined Sugar.

paleo food list
Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – Paleo Food List

There is a popular saying that, Humans are not still evolved from their ancestors who lived during the Paleolithic Age, and so they are not fully capable of digesting grains and beans in an effective manner.

Researches also claim that the Paleo diet can cure obesity, hormonal disorders like Polycystic ovary syndrome, and even autoimmune disorders.

Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – Let’s See!

The simple answer is, Yes. There are two primary treatments for PCOS, If these two are controlled and managed, PCOS can be controlled.

The Two Main Treatments are :

  • Managing Insulin Resistance
  • Managing Inflammation.
paleo and pcos -
Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – Two main Treatments

Here is where Paleo Diet comes into play, The two characteristics come in hand with the Paleo Diet.

But you may now wonder, Paleo’s connection with the above-mentioned Treatments, right?. So come on let us see in detail about them.

Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – PCOS and Insulin

Beginner’s guide

What is Insulin – Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the human body to store energy that comes from food. It is usually stored in 

  • Fat
  • Muscles
  • Liver.

Ok with the simple explanation of Insulin, now let’s talk about the importance of an insulin check when it comes to PCOS. PCOS and Insulin resistance have linkages with one another.

Because the more Insulin, the more the Androgens are produced. This makes  PCOS worse.

There are many reasons for insulin resistance, but one common reason is we eat a lot of carbs.

Research Shows that Carbohydrate intake worsens metabolic syndrome – Carbohydrate intake and refined-grain consumption are associated with metabolic syndrome in the Korean adult population.

Here comes the Connection, Insulin resistance makes PCOS worse. When it comes to Carbs Intake, It worsens Insulin Resistance. So As we reduce the Intake of Carbs we indirectly show some positive impacts on PCOS.

Researches also suggest some foods to be included in the diet to show Positive Results. They are low glycemic level foods and Low- Carbs Diet

Beginner’s guide

What is Low Glycemic Levels Mean?

Glycemic levels are calculated between 0 – 100 to know how much the food we eat increases the blood sugar levels.

There is a benefit of Having Low Glycemic level Foods because these foods help us to cut down junk foods because most junk foods are high in glycemic levels.

So To manage PCOS we don’t need to avoid carbs in our food, we just need to intake carbs at a moderate level and to from whole foods.

National Centre For Biotechnology Information made a research on PCOS and Dietary Composition – You can Click here! – To have a Look.

Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – PCOS and Inflammation

Now lets us see the linkage between Inflammation and PCOS. Patients who suffer from Polycystic ovary syndrome have higher levels of inflammation.

Inflammation is also linked with Omega-6. Omega-6 is good in nature if it is taken in small amounts, but when it comes to terms paleo diet it turns dangerous.

Researches have shown that Omega-6 increases the number of androgen levels which is very bad for PCOS. However, when it comes to Omega-3 it is found to be very beneficial for women with PCOS. This helps in reducing the Omega-6: Omega 3 ratio.

A study By Cambridge University Press backs up the above-mentioned points. – To know more – Click Here!

So this Shows that an Anti-inflammatory diet can have positive impacts on PCOS. And Paleo is the best example of it.

Omega-3 which is found to have a positive correlation with PCOS is found abundantly in Paleo Diet Foods.

Eating plenty of seafood especially, Fish which contains a lot of Omega-3 in it makes PCOS manageable.

One should also limit the intake of Nuts and seeds because they are high in Omega-6.

Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – Some Problems

We can see that paleo is a great option for PCOS with its anti-inflammatory and insulin resistance features. however there are some problems that people face with Paleo and PCOS. Some of the problems are:


The fat mass in our body is more hormonal in nature. So as the fat levels change it can cause hormone imbalances. If it is temporary there will be no problems, but in long term, it is a problem.

The main reason is that when we lose fat we release toxins that are stored in our blood flow. One among them is the Estrogen hormone. This can cause a hormonal upset.

Personal Diet Plans

People follow different diet plans while making paleo as their primary diet plan. People tend to move towards a set of foods they like, which in a while influences them. This can have some negative impacts.

Let us consider an example – A lady is following the paleo diet, and she is more influenced by the nuts of seed subset of foods. This makes her a little vulnerable.

Nuts have more phytoestrogens and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats. The PUFA fats increase the inflammation that is dangerous to PCOS patients.

Phytoestrogens on the other hand increase estrogen levels.

So better Visit your nutritionist or dietitian to have a correct diet plan.


Exercising along with Paleo is a good plan. But if you exercise without giving yourself the ample amount of energy by intaking food, it will be a problem.

We all know that as we work out our body secretes testosterone, cortisol, and muscle-building hormones.

So we need to take up Protein and Carbohydrates after our workouts, if not taken our testosterone levels to remain high.

Other problems are :

  • High Protein Intake 
  • Low carbohydrate diet


So Next in our  Is Paleo Diet is good for PCOS? – Initiative we are going to see some food strategies that studies suggest us to have a problem-free diet plan.

Is Paleo diet good for PCOS? – Problem-Free Strategies

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the enemy to PCOS patients. Paleo being an Anti-inflammation diet, is of great help in managing inflammation.

However, there are many reasons for inflammation other than diet plans. Stress and Sleep Deprivation also increase inflammation.  So keeping a check on these both and following a paleo diet can show you good results.

Practicing good stress management strategies and at the same time having plenty of sleep is good for inflammation.

Eat Carbohydrates In a Good Pace

You need to remember that low carbohydrate and low glycemic level foods show positive feedback on PCOS.

So when it comes to Carbohydrate intake, one needs to have a check on the refined carbs intake.

So you can adopt or low-carb diets which can help you to Loose weight and manage PCOS. However, you should follow the prescription of your personal dietitian.

Fats should Be consumed Right

Consider taking more Omega-3 rather than Omega-6. You need to avoid ( nuts, seeds, vegetable oil ) and swap them with fish and seafood.

Fish and seafood contain a lot of omega-3 and vitamin D which can be therapeutic.

National Centre For Biotechnology Information with its study supports this Thesis. – Click here To Know more

Also, consider taking coconut oil and olive oil into your diet. The monosaturated fats are beneficial and the linoleic acid that is present in the coconut oil can also help in Insulin resistance.



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