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Please help me get out of my sadness, I am very sad. This is how you feel? Then you are at the correct place for a solution. You may feel life Is against you, you may feel lost in the dark tunnel of pain and sadness. But the one thing that you should know  is Sadness doesn’t go away by itself

“I am Very Sad”- What is Sadness?

Sadness is an emotion characterized by unhappiness and negative mood swings. It is a normal response of humans towards things that makes one feel upset, disappointing, and Painful.

Sadness also can be Long- term if the happening is more sentimental, but mostly sadness is a temporary feeling that everyone goes through in their life.

So stop worrying that you are sad, All people in this world are sad at one point in life but they make themselves out by making them happy in one way or the other.

So, The best solution to Move out of sadness is to Face them to Solve them.

Unlike depression which is a long term condition, sadness is just a transition phase in one’s life

There are some signs that one should know which late turns into depression. This helps one to move out of depression. This can help you out to have a prosperous and happy life as you wish in the future.

Some Signs of Depression

  • Persistent Anxiety
  • Insomnia 
  • Irritability 
  • Dark Thoughts 
  • Fatigue 
  • Chronic Pain
sign that change to depression
Signs that Change to depression – Why? I am very sad Initiative

“I am Very Sad” – Are Sad Feelings Normal?

The Answer is Hundred Percent, Yes!. It is normal to be sad. Sadness is a temporary feeling that everyone goes through in their life.

If sadness does not occur too often or for a long period of time, sad feelings like any other emotion are a natural part of our life.

Sadness is an emotion that nobody wants to face in life, there are many ways to make yourself happy when you are sad. But before you see that, we need to have a good knowledge base about sadness to deal with them.

So that is what our Article is dealing about, So read in Order to get the Best Benefit out of the Article.

There are serious cases where sadness turns into depression. To avoid such circumstances one has to know about the symptoms of Depression.

So come on let’s know some symptoms of depression.

“I am Very Sad” – Symptoms of Depression

We need to aware of the sign that turns into a depression so that we can get help when we need.

Symptoms of Depression are :

  • Decreased Energy 
  • Guilty Feeling 
  • Anxiety 
  • Weightloss
  • Difficulty in Concentrating
  • Thoughts of Suicide 
  • Restlessness

These are some of the symptoms that lead to depression. The sooner you recognize these signs you can try to come of depression as fast as possible solving them.

So in Our Article – Why? I am very sad, We are going to see when we need a doctor.

“I am Very Sad” – Should we Consult A Doctor?

The first thing you should know here is that you are not the only one going through this Negative stage. Most people in life go through this stage.

Feeling Depressed is not a mental illness it could also be due to many other medical conditions like hypothyroidism.

So once you reach your doctor, he would do an all-round checkup to know about you and suggest you tailor-fit solutions according to your symptoms

“I am Very Sad”  – What are some Causes for Sadness

There are a lot of factors that cause sadness in our life. Some common causes for Sadness are

  • Weak Social Support – Poor Social Support is seen as one of the main causes of Sadness. This alters brain functions and forces one to move towards alcohol, depression, suicide. Psychologist often talk about the importance of  having a strong social support
  • Trauma – Trauma affects the way you look at things and also the way you look at yourself. People who had undergone abuse or trauma have higher chances of developing sadness, depression, and anxiety
  • Stressed Life – Depression is caused by many ways like guilt, genetics, brain chemicals, and more. Stressful life also is one of the main reasons for sadness. Research has also shown links between stress, poor coping ability, and sadness.
  • Chronic Health Conditions – Chronic health Conditions are linked to sadness. Some good examples of these chronic diseases are diabetes, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, and kidney disease.
  • Mental health Conditions – Mental illness also causes Sadness. The most common mental illness thought are Confused Thinking, excessive fear, guilt, low energy.
  • Bad habits – Alcohol consumption on a regular, heavy basis disturbs the chemicals in the brain that indirectly leads to sadness. It contributes to the feeling of depression and anxiety.
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Causes of sadness – I am very sad initiative

Next thing that we are going to see in our Why? I am very sad initiative is how to avoid sadness. So one let’s dive deep into our core points.

“I am Very Sad” – How to Avoid Sadness

  • Question Yourself 

Our First Way to Remove Sadness in our Why? I am very sad initiative is Question Yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to think of what really happened. This helps your mind to rethink by replaying the moments that made you sad. But you should be aware of this process. Because this process leads to easy conclusions, misconceptions, and assumptions.

For example – You might assume easily that people are avoiding you and not ready to befriend you because you are overweight and ugly.

In this situation comes the act of Questioning Yourself? So ask whether it is true?. Are people really thinking so?.

This gives you opportunities to look for other solutions to solve them. If you think of losing weight, then here is an easy start-up Strategy to lose weight –Running for Weight loss – Is it a Myth Discover

If you Have Keto Diet as your strategy to lose weight, you can look up this article –What is Keto Diet – Benefits and Discover More to know the theoretical aspects of the Keto Diet (Beginner friendly).

So from questioning, you can not only throw off your sad feelings but at the same time, you can get solutions for them.

  • Find a Quiet Place 

Our Second Way to remove Sadness in our Why? I am very sad initiative is to Find a Quiet Place. Give yourself time alone. This may sound awkward, but this has its own benefits too. This helps to have your free space to cool down the heat.

This helps you to have time without the thought of others. You can shut down your bedroom door and hear to some Music to make you better.

you can also go to the nearby park, sit on a park bench, wear headphones, and have quality time.

This helps you to change your mood swings and set you right

  • Face the problem 

It’s human nature to Run away from problems when one feels intense distress or comfort. We do this by distracting ourselves indifferent possible ways like watching television, playing games, spending time in social media until our bad feelings go away.

But the reality is , they never go. It will always come to us in another form of problem. So eventulay as we avoid our emotions for so long, some of them wind up with chronic helath conditions or mental illness.

So that is why it is safe to face the problems rather than running away from them. You can thank yourself for being brave at every attempt to face your Problems.

  • Everthing is Temporary

Everything in this world is temporary. Do you agree with this statement?. Ah, It may be Controversial. But when it comes to Sadness, we can damn sure say it is Temporary in nature.

See the sky, The clouds are rolling down its way and drifts away from us. Similarly is our Sadnes. They too move away from us.

You may mourn Now, but in a day, in a week or year from now , this sadness will become a memory.

  • Dont Blame You or Feel that You are Alone.

When we commit mistakes we blame ourselves for many reasons. For example – W say ” I am responsible for everthing that has happened wrong.”

So we naturally balme us for all problems. We tend to focus on the our sufferings, and our pain. This makes us think we are completely alone. This is what adds up pain to us.

We need to know the truth behind sadness. I am said, you are said and at some point, everybody is sad at some point in life. We all are rejected, we all are betrayed, we all are mistreated.

So the sooner you remember that sadness is part of life, the severity of sadness may reduce.

Way Forward

So in this article, we had covered how to Face Sadness and become happy. You can use the hacks mentioned above to make your life fruitful.

Thank You For Reading the Article. I am AR and a share can be Gorgeous for Me. 🙂

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