How to Control Anger: Discover Practicality in 2 Minutes (2021)

How to Control Anger

Don’t Know how to Control Anger. Then you are at the correct place. Getting angry is a normal reaction in humans. But is that emotion killing your happiness, destroying your Relationships. Then it is time for you to develop the skill of anger management. 

What is Anger  

Like said Before Anger is a normal Emotion that is let out when you feel that something has been done unjust, wrong, or in a bad intention.  

So, it is perfectly right to be angry when somebody cheats or mislead you to failure, but what matters here is the degree of anger that you show up. 

When your Degree of anger gets higher, you may harm others physically or emotionally. Which becomes a crime under the law? 

So, anger without Control is a loss for the receiver and the giver side. So here comes the theory of Anger Management 

But before entering into this Theory, you need to know some consequences of anger. 

Consequences of Anger  

  • Gateway to Diseases – Keeping yourself at a Hight stress level and anger all time makes you susceptible to many diseases like cardiovascular disease, drowsiness, Lowers your immune system. 
  • Affects Mental Health – Getting angry makes your brain exhaust and feel tired. This is long-term affects your concentration and memory levels. This leads to stress depression 
  • Destroys Relationships – Unlike any other emotions, anger Causes deep pain and unforgettable situations in our close relations. This in turn creates a bad opinion on us, which in later period may lead to breakage of the relationship.  

 Now it is time to know what is anger management.  

Anger Management 

Anger Management is not about learning how to not get angry at all. Anger management is about how to control your anger in a healthy manner so that it doesn’t affect you and at the same time does not hurt others. 

This Article Will Answer the Following Questions that were frequently Asked  

  1. How to Control Anger? 
  2. How to control anger in a relationship? 
  3. How to control anger and Sadness? 
  4. How to control anger at work? 
  5. How to control anger and Tension? 
  6. How to control anger and Crying? 
  7. How to control anger and Anxiety? 

If you see the above questions, you will realize that anger tied up with negative outcomes in everyone’s life. So, the only answer to all these problems is mastering the skill of anger management. 

Mastering Anger management is an art. The more you try to control your anger it will become easy for you to master it. The key to Anger management is practicing it bit by bit to inculcate into your life. 

But there are many ways to practice Anger Management that would solve all the problems mentioned above.  

practicing anger management

Practicing Anger Management 

  1. Think the Reason –We all know there will be a reason behind everything that makes us unhappy. We should find the problem behind it. This is one of the main playing a vital role in relationship Breakage.  

So let me Answer you a Question with a Good Example. How to control anger in a relationship? This is a frequent question asked by many

Now let it be the case including a Father and a Son. Here the Son gets angry towards his father for not allowing him to play with his friends.  

Here son getting angry is a normal factor, but here comes the First Rule. “Think the reason “. Here if the son thinks he would not get angry and at the same time will be a beneficiary.  

So, the Son now starts thinking, why is my father not allowing me? Now he finds the Answer, that “His father is not allowing him to play because he hasn’t completed his homework “So, thinking Specifically is the key to Maintain relationships. 

Know your Personal Symptoms  

We know that every human is different in their own way similarly, each person has their own symptoms before getting angry. So, it is time to know those symptoms.

This key point brings in the Theory: Prevention is Better than Cure 

Some signs of anger are  

  • Clenching of Hands 
  • Bringing Both your Eyebrows Down  
  • Heavy Breathing  
  • Faster Heartbeat 

Hence knowing the right Symptoms and mastering them will help you control anger in a good manner  

  1. Thinking Wisely – Thinking wisely doesn’t mean thinking a master plan, it is very simple. Before you react, give yourself a minute to react this will help your mind to think of solutions to the problem. This will help you be the Beneficiary instead of being a victim  

So now let’s see Some Solutions for the Above-mentioned Problem :  

  • Fight with my father 
  • Finish my homework and Get Permission  
  • Feeling depressed about not doing the homework and worried about not Playing

So, it’s better to think of the right decision to be made before you react. 

  1. Think the Result – Now you have thought wisely about the solutions, but the crucial factor here is to choose among them. To do so now it’s time to think of the final outcome  

Now let’s consider the above solutions,  

  • If we consider taking up the first Solution you would end up with a bad name with your father  
  • If the 3rd Solution is taken, you would feel stressed and bring in inner hate towards your father 
  • If the 2nd Solution is taken, you can get permission and at the same time, you could increase your grades. 

So, the key here is how we choose our solutions, and these solutions should have a good outcome. Mastering this will take time, so be patient to inculcate this in your life.   

Long-Term Ways to Master Anger Management 

The above situation helps you on the spot to control your anger. But the upcoming solutions will make you ready to master Anger Management for a good life 

  1. Meditation – Meditation controls anger since it reduces your stress levels and makes your mind think clearly  
  2. Exercise – Exercise reduces your negative thought makes you feel lite and healthy.  
  3. Share – Share your feeling with your close ones they will help you with solutions 
  4. Engage yourself – If you get angry about Specific things, engage in other activities to distract yourself 
  5. Angry Diary – Note the things that made you angry. And find solutions for them this will be handy when you come with that problem again.  
  6. Learn Yourself Online – You can Read articles regarding Anger management online in websites like PsychologyToday and more !

Way Forward  

Anger is an emotion in our daily life. Suppressing them fully is not possible but reducing the degree of anger is possible.  

So, it’s Necessary to Learn and Adapt anger management in our Daily Lives.

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